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  • author ( 29, woman | Gratiot, WI, USA )

    Laying in the bed of his truck all cuddle up in the blankets looking at the stars and talking the night away :)

  • author ( 25, woman | Springport, IN, USA )

    Nothing fancy. Bonfire. Movie. Fishing. Hunting, although Im not much for anything larger than a 22. Love coyote huntin! All time dream is to back a truck up to the edge of a lake and have the bed filled with blankets, a...  see more >>

  • author ( 26, woman | College Station, TX, USA )

    The "perfect" first date idea would be hanging out on a tailgate parked by a bonfire or a river bank: the stars shining bright and radio turned up. But I'm also down for going bowling, dancing, golfing, or ridi...  see more >>

  • author ( 25, woman | Devils Lake, ND, USA )

    Umm well my first date that I've always dreamed of.. Would be riding horses along a beach or just out in the middle of nowhere.. And than just having a dinner date on the back of a tailgate.. Cheesy I know but that would...  see more >>

  • author ( 43, man | Marshall, MI, USA )

    Catch dinner (if you are afraid to eat in front of me I am going to be scratching my head about any potential future) the head out to a bowling alley or a western dance hall with pool tables.

  • author ( 36, woman | Ronkonkoma, NY, USA )

    Coffee, horseback riding, mudding, driving around in the truck, hanging out on the tailgate of the truck, just talking and getting to know each other..

  • author ( 26, woman | Elizabeth, CO, USA )

    It really dosnt matter to me as long as we are both having fun. Nothin to fancy, but I still want our romantic night every once in a while:)

  • author ( 68, man | Windsor, ON, CAN )

    Going to Country bars/pubs,downing some brews and enjoying the cuisine-that buxom babe SURELY gets on her suds and grub!!!!!-dancing a bit,riding the mechanical bull,which should get us prepared for our lights-out boyfri...  see more >>

  • author ( 68, man | Windsor, ON, CAN )

    Go to Country bar/pub,enjoy adult beverages and food-that buxom babe can REALLY get on her suds and grub!!!-dance a bit,ride the mechanical bull,which should get us ready for our boyfriend-girlfriend lights-out rodeo...  see more >>

  • author ( 29, man | Richmond, TX, USA )

    Id take you out to the backwoods near a fire and sit on the tailgate and drink beer and socialize till the sun came up

  • author ( 38, woman | Livermore, CA, USA )

    I think a first date should be something that is fun and relaxed and it should not feel like an interview, haha! ;) An activity like mini golf or bowling can be a fun first date but the company you have is more important...  see more >>

  • author ( 66, woman | Parrish, FL, USA )

    A great first date would be anywhere we could talk in a relaxed setting and simply get to know each other a little bit.

  • author ( 58, woman | Littleton, CO, USA )

    I think a quiet dinner where we would have time to talk . . .doesn't have to be fancy just comfortable and relaxed.

  • author ( 54, woman | Staplehurst, NE, USA )

    My first date would have dinner and get to know each other a bit. Then if things go well go dancing play some pool and have a few drinks.

  • author ( 41, man | Bryson, TX, USA )

    A quiet night sitting infront of the fire. Hitting the shooting range. Candelit dinner. Laying out under the stars. Hitting the stockyards for an exciting evening. Playing with the kids. Riding out in the boonies. Backro...  see more >>

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